The Power Association of Northern California is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the power industry in California and all of its component parts. PANC sponsors monthly luncheon meetings and educational seminars to help professionals better understand the challenges confronting the power industry. Monthly luncheon meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month in San Francisco. Guest speakers include legislators, CEO’s, Commissioners and other experts from both the regulated and unregulated side of the industry.

PANC In The News

New EPA Rules For Power Plants:
What They Mean for California

Going into Monday’s roll-out from the federal Environmental Protection Agency, there was optimism — if not clarity — over what proposed new regulation of power plant carbon emissions would mean for California. (June 2014)
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The Energy Institute at Haas is excited to announce that Andrew Campbell will be its new Executive Director. Drawing on his strong policy background, Andrew will lead EI@Haas’s efforts to communicate its energy research results to policy makers and to foster new collaborations between researchers, legislators, regulators and industry. (Jan. 2014)
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“The Real Balkanization of the Power Grid”
Is this the beginning of the end to turf battles in the western power grid? A new post by James Bushnell, Energy Institute at Haas (Nov. 2013)
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