About Our Speakers:
MICHAEL R. PEEVEY  earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and began his career as a Washington, DC, economist. Peevey founded the California Council of Environmental and Economic Balance in 1973 and was the organization’s president until joining the Southern California Edison Company in 1986, where he became its president. A key advisor to three governors, Peevey was president of the California Public Utilities Commission for twelve years, retiring in 2014.

DIANE WITTENBERG was a founder of the Climate Action Reserve.  She was the first president of The Climate Registry and California Climate Action Registry.   She was the executive director of the California PEV Collaborative and previously served as Vice President of Edison International.  She is the Chair of the California State Park and Recreation Commission.   California Goes Green, A Path to Climate Leadership, a new book co-authored with Michael R. Peevey, was published Summer 2017.

Editorial Reviews:

“[This] book can serve as a policy guide for nerds, a clean energy bible for true believers, or a manifesto for change agents of any persuasion. Most important, it is a roadmap to achieve what has been accomplished in California’s laboratory of climate change innovation”
- Joseph P. Kennedy II, CEO and Pres., Citizens Energy Corp; former member, US House of Representatives

“Climate change is the existential threat of our lifetime. Despite President Trump’s comment that it is a hoax, people know better and want leadership and action. This is a highly readable insider’s account of how California forged a path towards a low carbon future. The book reminds us of the spirit of innovation that binds us. Onward, California!”
Gina McCarthy, Head of US EPA, 2013-17