SEPTEMBER 22nd – Monthly Luncheon:   

Law, Policy and Making the CPUC a More Effective Agency

Guest Speaker:
General Counsel
California Public Utilities Commission

Arocles Aguilar was recently appointed General Counsel of the CPUC, an agency that finds itself in the spotlight of public criticism as it recovers from a series of difficulties.  She will discuss current issues at the CPUC, how she does her work, and what we can expect in the way of changes in CPUC operations and rules.

AROCLES AGUILAR is a graduate of Berkeley Law.  Prior to commencing her long career at the California Public Utilities Commission, Ms. Aguilar worked at the both the Agricultural Labor Relations Board and the Public Employment Relations Board.  After joining the Commission, Ms. Aguilar handled a variety of Legal Division assignments, including both advocacy and advisory matters related to types of Commission proceedings, a decade of FERC and state and federal court practice before being appointed Assistant General Counsel.  As AGC she worked for over a decade handling strictly advisory matters, supervising legal advisory matters in energy, telecommunications, water, legislation, CEQA, government and administrative law, FERC, finance, bond issuances, employment and bankruptcy.  Prior to being appointed General Counsel in March 2015, Ms. Aguilar supervised the advisory attorneys in PG&E’s San Bruno transmission pipeline explosion enforcement proceeding.    Ms. Aguilar also is an experienced arbitrator, mediator and employment investigator.