WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16 – Annual Awards Luncheon   

2015 “Achievement of the Year”:
SB-350: Clean Energy & Pollution Reduction Act

Guest Speaker & Recipient:
President Pro Tempore
California State Senate

Join the Power Association for our Annual Awards Luncheon as we honor Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León, author of Senate Bill 350, the landmark climate change and clean energy legislation signed into law on October 7, 2015. SB 350 requires California to generate half of its electricity from renewable energy sources and double energy efficiency in all buildings by 2030, while also substantially building the infrastructure for electric transportation.

The first Latino elected President pro Tempore of the California State Senate in more than 130 years, Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) was first elected to the State Assembly in 2006 and then to the State Senate in 2010. As co-chair of Proposition 39 – the California Clean Energy Jobs Act — Senator De León convinced voters to close a corporate tax loophole to generate billions of dollars and fund more than 40,000 California jobs that improve energy efficiency and expand clean energy generation in schools. This year, Senator De León’s Democratic caucus introduced and passed legislation to strengthen California’s climate leadership by pursuing standards that will reduce petroleum use by 50 percent, set a 50 percent renewable energy standard for the state’s utilities and increase building energy efficiency by 50 percent, all by 2030. Senator De León also has introduced a bill to require the state’s public employee pension funds to divest from coal and, by 2050, increase the state’s overall climate pollution reduction target to 80 percent below 1990 levels. Long before being arriving at the Legislature, de León dedicated himself to public service and served immigrant communities through teaching U.S. citizenship courses. The work led him to community organizing and taking a stand against 1994’s Proposition 187, a voter-approved statewide initiative that denied government services to undocumented immigrants. In response, Senator de León organized the largest civil rights march in California history.